Being able to get the right ingredients delivered where you need them is key to efficacy. We utilize the latest in microsphere and liposome techniques for our delivery systems.

When dealing with encapsulation, we talk about two types of size extensions, Micrometer (um) and Nanometer (nm). A nanometer is 1000 times smaller than a Micrometer.

  • 1 Millimeter (mm) = 1000 Micrometer (um)

  • 1 Micrometer (um) = 1000 Nanometer (nm)

  • A human hair is typically between 60 – 120 um

  • A human skin cell is between 25 – 40 um


SalSphere™ – by Savona Technologies

SalSphere™ Technology consists of hydrophobic sub-micron spheres with a core infused with a chosen active or combination of actives and a shell that is composed of a hydrophilic layer. The microspheres enable targeted delivery to the hair follicle, forming a reservoir from which the active is slowly released, sustaining the efficacy over time. The diameter of a hair follicular orifice is estimated to be at 30 – 50 μm. SalSphere™ encapsulated microspheres, with a diameter of 0.8 μm, can facilitate penetration into the hair follicle in a targeted manner, thus increasing its efficacy


Pro Lipo™ Neo – by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Liposomes are microscopic spherical, self-enclosed capsules that create a transdermal vehicle to deliver the encapsulated materials to the preferred destination. When non-encapsulated materials are placed on the skin a range of factors such as stability, solubility, and size determine the fate of the material. Liposomes, which resemble the basic structures of cellular membranes, create a more beneficial interaction with skin cells. The structure allows the liposomes to penetrate the epidermal barrier and travel deeper than free materials to deliver the anticipated results. Liposomes’ proven delivery system yields a multitude of benefits; enhancing the penetration of actives yields increased efficacy, offering time release mechanisms, protecting and delivering otherwise unstable ingredients, and opening the door to the ability to target specific cells. Liposomes can differ in size with a range in diameter between150 – 3500nm.

Pro-Lipo™ Neo is a unique technology developed to create customizable natural liposomes, allowing a complete control over the type and concentration of the ingredients to entrap for an optimal efficacy